Sporting That Extra Style

The Lowrider differs from the every other trike available. With its extremely low sitting  position, which even Harley riders cannot match. The standard big-block steel frame (solid steel 160 x 100mm) sets new standards in handling. The Lowrider was designed for the sports trike rider who appreciates that extra touch of style. Our  EPA Certified Muscle package adds more acceleration and speed to this classic trike. No need to look elsewhere.

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Technical Specifications
Ford Zetec 1.6 Water Cooled / Fuel Injected Engine

  Boom Low Rider
  Cubic Capacity (C.C.)
  Power Output (HP)
  Top Speed (MPH)
  85 - 95 mph
  Fuel (MPG)
  Type of Fuel (Unleaded)
  95 Oct
  Fuel Capacity (Gallons)
  Length (Inches)*
  Width (Inches)
  Height (Inches)
  Weight (Lbs)
  Max Weight (Lbs)
  Max Load(Lbs)
  Tow Capacity(Lbs)