A Family Affair

The Family is based on the Mustang ST1, the main difference to the other 2 series being that it can carry 3 persons. Its ingenious designs enables it to carry one, two or three people without requiring any modification. The swiveling security bar for passengers eliminates the need for seat belts. Our new EPA Certified Mustang package adds more acceleration and speed to this classic trike. The Family, the finest quality, and ideal for the family.

Pic Family
Mustang Family Mustang Family Mustang Family

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Technical Specifications
Ford Zetec 1.6 Water Cooled / Fuel Injected Engine

  Mustang Family
  Cubic Capacity (C.C.)
  Power Output (HP)
  109 - 125
  Top Speed (MPH)
  85 - 95 mph
  Fuel (MPG)
  Type of Fuel (Unleaded)
  95 Oct
  Fuel Capacity (Gallons)
  Length (Inches)*
  Width (Inches)
  Height (Inches)
  Weight (Lbs)
  Max Weight (Lbs)
  Max Load(Lbs)
  Tow Capacity(Lbs)
  1 year limited warranty.